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Embodying Bhagavad Gita invites you to explore the timeless wisdom of this ancient text and embed it to your daily life.
Through this course, you will embark on a journey of self-discovery, learning to navigate the challenges of life with greater insight.

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About the Creator:

‘About me’ could take you away from ‘me’. I would love us to meet, just meet, directly. Come, just live! Without you, without me - live, love!

At the same time, I also understand that knowing about me in practical terms could open a door for many to relate to me and/or to this work. So for this specific purpose here are a few details about me:

I have worked as a business intelligence manager in London for 10 years. It was a lavish, international corporate career, was thoroughly enjoyed and then parted with. Since then, these sharings towards the awakened space have taken over.

I have been a visionary and spiritual mentor. I now run 3 ventures: Leadership Interventions and Training in the Corporate Sector; One:One Mentoring; and a Mental Health NGO.

Along the way, I have expressed myself through writing, authoring a book: "Looking for the Obvious," a spiritual thriller fiction; and "Embodying Bhagavad Gita," a nine-month practical course on the Bhagavad Gita.

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How Does This Course Operate?

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Discover the boundless potential of the course with initial lessons

Step into the fascinating world of ancient India, where powerful personalities reigned kingdoms. One such epic story that continues to captivate hearts even after 5000 years is "Mahabharat".

At the heart of this epic tale are two brothers, King Dhritarashtra and King Pandu, and their subsequent generations of cousins, the Kauravas and the Pandavas.

The story takes a gripping turn as the Kauravas, with their unethical ways, constantly plot against the Pandavas. The Pandavas, brave and determined, do not give up easily. When they return from a 14-year exile, they find that their Kingdom has been taken over by the Kauravas through deceit. And so, they decide to fight back for what's rightfully theirs.

As both armies prepare for an epic showdown, the Pandavas, outnumbered, cling to the power of truth. In their darkest hour, Arjun, one of the Pandava brothers, seeks the help of Lord Krishna (Enlightened being), Krishna, the Lord agrees to be Arjun's charioteer, providing his friend with invaluable guidance.

Bringing Ancient wisdom to life

Mahabharata is more than just a story - it's a tapestry of symbols that reveal profound truths about your inner journey.

Through the symbolism of the story, we see that the blind King Dhrutarashtra is a representation of Ignorance, and his 100 egoic tendencies, the Kauravas, symbolize the forces that occupy our body and prevent us from claiming our rightful Kingdom. But with the guidance of Lord Krishna, the Pandavas are able to awaken their discerning intellect and claim their rightful place as the true governors of their body-mind.

Dilemma of every Warrior across history

The Bhagavad Gita, provides a profound backdrop to the imminent battle that is about to unfold. 

As the epic battle looms, The Pandavas, led by Lord Krishna, have a clear conscience and are fully equipped for the impending battle against the Kauravas.

However, when the moment arrives, Arjun is struck by an overwhelming wave of anxiety and enters into a state of neurosis.

The universal question that arises—whether to fight or not to fight—has been pondered by warriors throughout history.

Yet, through this darkness, Lord Krishna, the Pandava's divine guide, provides his spiritual wisdom to help Arjun and all of us navigate the challenges of life.

In such a crisis, lies the opportunity to undergo a transformation and revolution.The story now leads us to the beginning of the Bhagavad Gita, where the Embodying Bhagavad Gita course begins.


Unlocking Ancient Wisdom: Duryodhan, when faced with the uncertainty of the upcoming battle chose to visit his teacher Dronacharya with the hope and selfish motive of getting some extra power to forge ahead. However, he could not gather the courage to be honest and share that he was fearful of the battle.
Arjun, on the other hand, in the wise company of his friend and his guide, Lord Krishna, had enough courage to share his fear and anxiety with Krishna, seeking guidance from him.
This honesty about his mind-state and openness to seek guidance, and not motivation, made the entire difference in the support that he received. Here Arjun was bestowed with the teachings of Bhagavad Gita, while Duryodhan stayed ignorant struggling with the clutches of motive and crutches of motivation.

Practical Spirituality:

As the reflections bring this principle in your real life scenarios, you start noticing the shifts in different areas of your life:

>> You start accepting your mind states. Not reacting to these states becomes possible. You bring balance and poise to your life and your surroundings.

>> Your self talk around health becomes honest and realistic. You start taking practical actions towards physical and mental health.

>> Your business dealings become courageous and honest, minimising the need of seeking external support. People around you start seeing you as trustworthy.

>> Your relationship becomes more authentic. The need to pretend to appear strong drops. You experience deeper connection with people. 

This small tweak in a day starts to bring a Big Shift into your life. As this continues to happen every day for 9 months, extraordinariness becomes a daily experience.

Let’s look at another revelation and related transformation:

Unlocking Ancient Wisdom: Meticulously observing the favourable (anukool) and unfavorable (pratikool) attitude/stance we take towards the transitory objects of attention (thoughts, emotions, sensory experiences as well as things, events and people) reveals the cause of our suffering. It reveals the game of happiness (sukh) and despair (dukh).
Lord Krishna asks Arjun (and humanity) to endure, that is, regard and observe the presence of these transitory objects with magnanimous joy.

4 Steps to Internalising the Profound Wisdom of the Bhagavad Gita

Step 1: The Mystical Revelations:

These revelations are based on the themes of psychology and the paths of spirituality.

Step 2: Unlock Ancient Wisdom:

Go deeper to get clarity on the ancient principles like Akarta, Purushottam and distinctions like Para-Apara, deh-dehika, jigyasu-gyani bhakt and 10s of others are explained in-depth in simple language, in this section.

Step 3: Reflections:

Practical spirituality is all about imbibing, experiencing, and living the principles (beyond just theorising and conceptualising). There are 500+ exercises/reflections in this section that bring the principles to practical reality.

Step 4: Journaling: 

The course provides a space for journaling. Journaling about things you've learned helps you retain the teachings and apply them to your life.

There’s nothing out there quite like this

Eliminate the challenges on different paths that you follow:

Does action (karm) necessarily mean the accumulation of virtues and sins? Find out how you can take powerful actions and still be free from the part-ill effects that the actions may lead to.


Gaining wisdom (Gyan) can lead to the formation of a subtle ego. One can assume a new kind of personality, a spiritual personality. How do you practically keep this under check?


Powerful meditation opens portals to different dimensions. These experiences could be as much a result of the meditation as these could be hallucinations created by the subtle mind. Bring clarity to these slippery slopes.


Discover, in devotion (bhakti) where is the thin line between faith and blind faith.


This inner work brings maturity to different areas of your life:

Deepen your yoga practise with this profound understanding:

Daily reflections and contemplations have a direct effect on bringing clarity to your cognitive mind. Take your journey from asanas to samadhi.

Build Authentic Relationships:

Shift your relationships from being toxic or unhealthy to being the source of your well-being and growth. Contemplations bring to light what’s missing in your relationships and help you experience deeper connections.

Flourish in your professional/Business:

Break free of your limiting beliefs to thrive in your business/profession. The reflections help in bringing clarity to your work/business, simplifying this aspect of your life and enhancing your ability to take powerful actions. You would be able to see the opportunities that you weren't able to perceive before and take tremendous action. Unleash the Arjun within you to flourish at business/professional growth.

Strike a perfect work-life balance: 

The unnecessary seriousness in your life starts becoming apparent, resulting in decreased stress and improved health and you start replacing it with leisure and playfulness.

Small tweaks, Big shifts

One small bite of understanding every day:

Dedicate a mere 15 minutes to contemplation and witness the subtle yet transformative shifts in your life.

Experience the Big shifts:

Let the magic of daily observation of ancient principles bring about practical shifts in your life. Explore the unfolding of a beautiful upward spiral, as the quality of your experiences improves with each passing day.

Witness Sustainable and permanent shift within:

Embrace the gradual yet profound shifts that unfold within you and achieve lasting change without feeling overwhelmed or fatigued.

 Snowball effect:

Every shift, no matter how small, is significant as it adds to the compounding effect of your personal and spiritual growth.





>>> Complex advaitic (non-duality) principles presented in simple and practical language

>>> Journaling support and retainment of your notes for you to refer anytime

>>> Clearly stated reflection points to help you internalise

>>> Community support to share, relate and grow together

Cut short your spiritual struggle

Here is what people say about how Embodying Bhagavad Gita:

Poorna (Dr. Gitesh Kalyankar)

I have been on a spiritual quest for 20 years and have gone through the entire spectrum of beliefs, from being a theist to a hardcore atheist, and finally to being an agnostic with devotion. Meeting my Guru, Shoonyo, was the missing piece of the puzzle that I needed to complete my spiritual journey.

I had attempted to study the Bhagavad Gita three times before, but each time my study was interrupted. However, with Shoonyo's guidance during the lecture series "Embodying Bhagavad Gita," I was able to fully commit to the study and persevere until completion. The practicality of his teachings fueled my determination to deepen my spiritual Journey.

Transform your life with 'Embodying Bhagavad Gita' - a 9-month practical course for only $900! Join now to deepen your spiritual journey and unlock ancient wisdom. Enroll today!


Pradeep Pawar - Spiritual Teacher

After reading 'Embodying Bhagvat Gita' I sincerely feel that if a student of spirituality intensely desires to realise and experience the soul of the Gita then this is the book.It took me almost 30 years to comprehend the core of this indic wisdom.Had I got hold of this course then, probably my journey would have been much shorter.
Shoonyo in this course has rightly mentioned that one needs to invest nine months to contemplate, understand and apply the principals in this book in one's life to actually experience it as according to him the book is not just to be read but to be experienced in one's daily life.
Shoonyo takes the participant on a very experiential trip where he expects the reader to actually taste the wisdom infused in the teachings.
SPIRITUAL SEEKERS - I have designed this course for you!

I have a connection with anyone who is on a spiritual journey. I honour your courage. This course is designed specifically for those of you who know the value of definitive pointing, clear guidance. Your awakening doesn’t have to wait. The practical nature of this course will cut short your spiritual struggle of decades to 9 months.

LIFE COACHES - I know how you feel!

Most reputable clients peek into the life of a coach before hiring them. This is because they know that a coach can bring clarity to the client only to the extent that they themselves have clarity. There has to be a shift from using coaching tools to being a clear space for yourself and for the clients. This course deepens your understanding of life and brings you into a clear space every day, for more than 250 days. 

YOGA TEACHERS - Obviously a powerful course!

Bhagavad Gita is Yog. The most reputed Yoga teacher training courses emphasise on the study of Bhagavad Gita. To maintain the sanctity of your profession most Yoga teachers read Bhagavad Gita but find it difficult to understand and implement - it largely remains conceptual. This course brings the teachings into practical life through daily contemplations/reflections.

BUSINESS LEADERS - I have helped quite a few, let me help you!

Your business is a powerful expression of your life. It takes a lot of effort to bring it into existence and to thrive in it. Your success is in reducing this effort (external and psychological) by understanding life principles of actions. Arjun in the middle of the battlefield is symbolically you expressing yourself fully. Through this course you will get clarity to draw out your inner potential and take powerful actions. 

Embark on this transformative journey today.

Includes 500+ practical exercise for beginners and advanced seekers + Journal + Monthly live sessions

Unlock the secrets to timeless and priceless wisdom with this extraordinary and rare practical guide! Don't miss out on the opportunity to gain access to this unparalleled source of knowledge!

Price: $ 900 ONLY/-

Ready to embark on this transformational journey?


My story is probably similar to yours. I always wanted to discover deeper spiritual truths. Underestimated how tricky it could be. For several years though I kept learning a lot of theory and kept burdening myself with knowledge-heavy concepts… until one day when the veil was lifted.
If you can master the art of reflecting in the midst of daily life, the universe will start revealing its secrets to you. 
Throughout this course you will find revelations and principles that directly affect the psyche and the intellect and reveal the beingness. When taken to heart, this course will resolve and even dissolve all your confusion and suffering. 
Start with trust and dedicate yourself towards nothing less than awakening!
May every seeker rebirth into the realm of light.
May every seeker move from ignorance to truth.
May every seeker be gotten by the Supreme.


I express my gratitude towards my mother, Radha Avchar, who is the first reflection of love in my bodily experience, and my dad, Samadhan Avchar, who is my first spiritual teacher.

My spiritual and marital companion, Vaishnavi, to be devotionally supportive throughout the compilation of the course.

Embrace and gratitude to spiritual teacher Pradeep Pawar for giving energy to the course even in the middle of health challenges. 

Embrace and gratitude to Shahana Dattagupta for your pure presence and refinement in expression that you brought in. 

Embrace and gratitude to Dileepan Raghunathan for your simply put profound insights around presenting the course. 

Embrace and gratitude to Nithashanti for your joyful and insightful contribution on making the work accessible to a variety of minds. 

Gratitude towards Dr. Sunil Kale for your sincere contribution with an expert set of eyes and for your wishes for the participants.

Deep gratitude and blessings to Poorna ji for the dedication and consistently for the entire 2.5 years of this creation. Big thanks to Mrityunjay for being the backbone at the technical front and a constant soundboard for ideas. Daniel and Jyoti Raravi for taking initiative and ownership towards the digital platform.

Last but not the least, to all the participants so far, for it is the thirst that creates the well.

- Shoonyo