Meet the Creator

Shoonyo a spiritual mentor and the creator of Embodying Bhagavad Gita Course

Shoonyo (a.k.a Vishal Avchar)

Shoonyo is a visionary and spiritual mentor. After 18 years of meditation and significant research into mind powers, NLP, martial arts practice with a black belt, healing practices, and deeper spiritual practices, he experienced the clarity of awakened space and began sharing with seekers.

Shoonyo worked as a business intelligence manager in London for 10 years. He abandoned an opulent international corporate career to guide people towards awakening space.

Shoonyo now runs 3 ventures in India; Corporate training and leadershipOne:One mentoring for business owners, and a mental wellness NGO known as Shoonyo Foundation.

Other than business ventures, he has authored " Looking for the obvious", an amazing work of spiritual fiction; and "Embodying Bhagavad Gita," a nine-month practical course on the Bhagavad Gita. He is Amazon's # 3 best-selling author and is cherished by elite readers..

Marathi Translation

Poorna (Dr Gitesh Kalyankar)

Poorna (Dr Gitesh Kalyankar) is a homoeopathy doctor with 16 years experience of treating various illnesses in patients of various socio-economic strata.

He has been on a spiritual quest since 20 years and has experienced the whole spectrum of being a theist, a hard-core atheist, to being an agnostic with devotion.

Meeting his Guru- Shoonyo, provided the much needed experience to complete the circle.

Poorna Ji (Dr. Gitesh Kalyankar) Translator of Embodying Bhagavad Gita in Marathi