The subtlest form of the Ego

Satva Gunn is a neutral/noble activity. However, it brings in a subtle ego – being holier than thou. Hence making ourselves sattvic is not enough in our spiritual journey.

Let’s understand the Satva gunn. It is said to be the purest gunn, it is expressed as Noble activities.

Symptoms of Satva Gunn (Sublest form of the ego)

Under the influence of Satva gunn, we are quite peaceful, light and happy; we tend to spread this happiness, as sharing with others, gives us joy. In the moment of dominance of Satva, we speak very softly, we are not very easily offended. Our perspective of the world is that, everybody is good, every human being is nice, now this sounds really good.

Quote on Satva Gunn from Bhagavad Gita

But is it true? It needs to be remembered that in the dominance of a particular gunn – be it that of Noble Deeds – we do not see with Clarity, we see only one side of the coin. But, is everything really peaceful out there in the physical reality? Not really. There are problems with every guna & those with Satva-gunn makes us feel so.

Effects of Satva Gunn

The subtle happiness that we derive from doing good towards others kind of starts giving us a feeling of holier-than-thou, and a subtle ego start creeps in. This is the most dangerous part of Satva-gunn – it can bring in a very subtle ego, which remains unidentified. We feel that our spiritual journey is taking speed, we are blissful all the time, I am so much quieter, I like doing so much of Charity, I like to see happiness in the eyes of other people. All this ‘I’ starts building up an self image of ‘me’ being holier than others, we fall in love with this image. This is the subtlest gunn – Noble activity. 

It’s very pure. It’s pure than being insensitive towards somebody like in Rajas or not doing when something should be done, like in Tamas. Satva is better than those two because it’s more neutral. It brings more peace within and outside it spreads more happiness. It is the purest gunn out of the three, it is the closest to the truth that we want to get into. But although we say it’s the closest to it, it’s still within the realm of prakruti within the realm of nature, governed and programmed through the dominance of the satva gunn. All these qualities are still a part of prakruti and unless we transcend prakruti, we transcend these gunas -which is called gunateet – some program being dominant in us, today it could be this program and tomorrow, something could flip, and some other program could take over. To gain clarity read our book "Looking for the obvious" book by Shoonyo.

How to overcome Satva Gunn?

Although one of the practices in spirituality is to make yourself as Sattvic as possible, but it may not be sufficient. Also, there are other ways to go beyond the gunas. If we have to go beyond the gunas through the gunas, the only gunn which makes it possible is Satva gunn. However, it’s a very slow process to keep cleansing. Going through good thoughts, through giving, sending good vibrations – good vibrations for yourself and so on – there lies the danger of having the subtle ego creep in and at the same time the journey is very slow. We’ll soon see what else can be done along with cleansing ourselves, which can bring up bigger possibilities that are available to us.

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